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Is your Enterprise facing increasing data management challenges, due to growing volumes? 

Archiving is one of the best ways to manage data growth, we can show you how

Plan for a disaster, be that a major act of nature, cyber security or human error...

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Stay competitive by storing your data economically

We are not your standard MSP, find out how we can help you achieve your business goals

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business challenges

business challenges
Today, enterprises face increasing data management challenges, largely because of growing data volumes, data protection issues, data migration complexities, the need for real-time information, integration of structured with unstructured data, and the limitations of existing technologies. 

our approach

DCG's methodology is to take away the pain of data backup and recovery.  We start with the principle that every customer is as individual as the service they require.  We work with customers to achieve their business goals, by solving business related problems by becoming their trusted advisor.    


  • 29-10-2015 New Research into obsolete data exposes cost to businesses Veritas Technologies LLC, one of the global leaders in backup and recovery solutions, today announced the results of its Databerg Report 2015, which looked at how European organisations across the public and private sector manage their data ...
  • 25-10-2015 Dell buys EMC Largest tech deal in history by far* (Time Warner by AOL acquisition in 2000 was actually bigger-but we're just splitting hairs...and it was a media/tech deal) ...
  • 11-08-2015 Symantec Announce Sale of Veritas Symantec have announced that the Information Management arm of its business, Veritas, will be sold to the Carlyle Group by the end of 2015 for billion (US). ...
  • 10-08-2015 EMC and VMware Buyout Rumours The acquisition rumours regarding a total buy-out between EMC and VMware continues. The question everyone is wondering is who will buy who? At the moment EMC have an 80% stake in VMware but VMware is still an independent company and a private division of EMC as such.  An acquisition would mean consolidating the two publicly traded companies in a single entity. Typically most people would expect the ‘big company’ to buy the ‘smaller company’. However business is not always as black and white as it seems. So will EMC buy VMware or will VMware buy EMC and what will this mean? The answer is that there is no single answer. ...
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